Honey from Surrey Hills

* Apologise but out of stock, due to bad weather this year and not enough bees around to produce. Hopefully coming in June...…
This local honey has come from a small number of hives in Dorking and Westcott. It has been carefully extracted from the honeycomb and filtered but not so much as to remove too much of the pollen. It has not been heated or treated in any way, just spun from the beeswax comb and run through three filters straight into the jar.
The average worker bee lives for six weeks in summer, and three of these are spent foraging in fields and gardens collecting nectar and pollen. A single bee produces about 1/12 teaspoon honey (0.5g) in her lifetime.
Honey is a natural premium food, and its production depends on keeping healthy bees, favourable weather and good forage. The bees that produced this honey will go into winter well stocked with their own supplies and only the surplus will be taken.
Honey has natural antibacterial properties and will last for a long time in an airtight container, it does not require, and is more flavoursome without refrigeration.