This comprises one of each of our signature bread mixes, including 2 Great Taste winners 2016, Free From Gold and Silver Winners and Good Choice Quality Food Awards winner! A great introduction to our breads, allowing you to savour them all and pick your favourites for future.

This easy to use bread kits, makes a delicious sourdough bread. Just add water!

The result is a delicious home baked sourdough.

No preservatives, refined sugar or nasties!

The 4 mixes e500g included in this pack are

BOLD BUCKWHEAT: RICH, TART, NUTRITIOUS – ‘Packed with flavour, this loaf is filled with pumpkin seeds and topped with chia seeds - best served with warming soups and stews.’

NEW ITALIAN: HEARTY, RUSTIC, OATY – ‘Richly textured with a satisfying crumb, this loaf is best served with lashings of butter alongside your favourite salad.’

NEARLY RYE: RICH, FRAGRANT, UNIQUE – ‘Subtle layers of caraway and fennel seeds make for a complex flavour in this hearty loaf, which goes perfectly with cured meats and cheese or simply drizzle with olive oil.’

SUPER SOURDOUGH: SOFT, LIGHT, FLUFFY - ‘This everyday loaf has a mild sour flavour and delicious golden crust, which is ideal for toasting or freshly-made sandwiches.’

 For making tips and delicious recipes, click here.

 Free from: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soya. Free from 14 major allergens. 

Suitable for vegans

No added sugar
No added oils