Chestnut Mushroom, Leek & Stilton

Our chestnut mushroom, leek and Stilton pie is the living proof that not every delicious pie has to contain meat! This is our vegetarian special, but it won’t fail to impress even the most committed meat-eater. Containing only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, this pie is well on its way to becoming one of our most popular.

This pie filling combines three outstanding ingredients which perfectly complement each other for the most delicious flavour in every mouthful. We pair sliced chestnut mushrooms with sautéed leeks and then add the finest Sussex creamy Stilton cheese together with a light and creamy sauce that really gives this pie its unique character.

The handmade shortcrust base and light puff pastry lid are prepared to a traditional family recipe that’s famous for its texture and taste. It’s no wonder that the final result is a veggie-friendly pie that would be perfect for a special occasion, or even as part of an everyday family meal.