Cherry Juice

The little red fruit that packs a powerful health punch!


  • Each litre bottle contains just under 3kgs of cherries and nothing else, no added sugar or water.
  • Drinking 100ml a day of our cherry juice is enough to have the associated benefits listed below, as well as tasting fantastic!
  • Cherry Juice is a remedy for Gout as it dissolves Uric acid crystals within the body, which is what causes the pain associated with Gout. Our regular customers that suffer from Gout drink approximately 80-100ml a day rather than taking any prescribed tablets.
  • A glass a day can also help you sleep as cherries contain a naturally occurring melatonin - this hormone helps the body regulate sleep.
  • Cherries contain a potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant called Quercetin. In a concentrated form like juice, this antioxidant can be beneficial as a natural remedy for arthritis and also aid muscle recovery from over-exertion through exercise.  We have an increasing customer base that suffers from arthritis that is finding fantastic benefit from our juice.

 Once opened refrigerate and drink within 1 month.